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    Is there an application I can download to the Palm Pre and use to create docs than I can then transfer to a PC using the USB function? In other words, can I create for example a Word doc that is saved onto the Palm Pre?

    The reason why I'd like this is that I'm trying to preserve a significant number of texts but I'd like the luxury of copy-pasting at my leisure and not have to get it all done before I get a new phone and the service is shut off to the Pre. Otherwise I need to copy them into emails that I transmit to myself, which sucks...

    Any ideas?
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    I'm pretty sure Save/Restore saves your texts into a database that you can pull... I think.
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    thats only for 2.x that they are backed up.

    i suggest u use the memo app, or one of the note apps in the catalog like evernote that store them on the web. Or paste them in tk an email message and send it to yourself.

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