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    I would truly appreciate the input of any of the fortunate new TouchPad owners that have used the Citrix Receiver App.

    I need to know if you can use F-Keys within the Citrix App.

    This is a key feature for me and will determine whether or not the TouchPad will meet my needs out of the box. I know the iPad app has a supplementary bar (above the keyboard) that contains F-Keys and some other extra items... I am hoping the same is present on the TouchPad.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I couldn't find function key support in the current Citrix Receiver Tech Preview. There is functionality to display the soft keyboard, but it lacks CTRL, ALT, function and cursor keys. Cursor keys are present on the HP Bluetooth keyboard.

    This is a Tech Preview, so I would expect equivalent functionality to Receiver on iPad by the time the official product is released.

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    Dan Donovan
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    Try sending the HP SMB sales team an email. I understand they're really responsive and helpful, and they might be able to answer that for you.
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    Thanks to both of you! I didn't realize the official app hadn't been released yet... Any idea when it might be?

    I'll contact HP SMB and post back with my findings.

    I work for a large hospital and Citrix is in full effect here. I'd love to be able to advocate the TouchPad. Who knows... if enough developers start contributing maybe I'll have the stones to tell our CIO that my TouchPad is better than his iPad 2!
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    when can we expect the full version.....cant get this "tech preview" to connect to any real citrix farms
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    so wont work with this "preview" then??

    dang hp/palm please stop releasing half-apps!

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