+1 for a quality GPS Nav app, that works with either mifi or a standalone bluetooth gps receiver (with offline map functionality). I have this using Sygic on my android 7" tablet and it's wonderful -- would love to see this on Touchpad!

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I REALLY would like to have a top-notch navigation app. I use a MiFi wifi hotspot while traveling; it has a built-in GPS capability so we don't need 3G/4G in our TouchPad for using a great navigation app. I have never used NDrive, but if it is a really great app, I would be willing to pay $50.00 for it, or even more if it comes with updates for all the pertinent data periodically.

Disclaimer: I have absolutely NO connection with Novatel MiFi other than as a completely satisfied user.

I forgot a very important feature for a top-notch navigation app - it has to work seamlessly with pulling in our contacts information as a source for our "directions to" selection.