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    I've seen posts and threads elsewhere, and provided my own info, but a general QO thread seems to be in order...

    Let's get some info on your experience, hints, tips, tricks, and issues (and hopefully some help). General forum guidelines apply (let's keep the HP trashing to a minimum, please!)

    {Disclaimer: I'm not super cloud savvy yet, so coverage of access to Google Docs and other accounts supported by QO really needs YOUR help}

    Version Info:
    Quickoffice version: 2.0.928
    Quickoffice Service version: 2.0.559
    Quickoffice Web Toolkit version: 2.0.959

    Here's some updates of info I've posted elsewhere:

    RTF, CSV Files:
    The e-mail app recognizes RTF and CSV files as word and excel type files, and applies the "W" and "X" icon to the attachment, HOWEVER, QO does not recognize these formats... If you try to view them from e-mail, QO will open, but you'll just see a blank QO window, and it's menu won't respond. If you download the attachments, they won't appear in your document list in QO.

    I created a test document in Word 2010 filled with a variety of formatting and other content variations.
    A. Zooming is awesome...more than doubling the text size. Zoom out will show several pages, but only one above the other. Much better than the PDFs.
    B. Most basic formatting is well preserved: Bold, italic, underline, strike through, font colors, super/sub scripting, numbering, bulleting all looked pretty good.
    C. Document structure (spacing, indents, justification, heading styles) also well preserved.
    D. I didn't test a wide range of fonts, but expect to see only a basic serif or san-serif font in lieu of the fonts in the original document. Font sizing is nicely preserved, and mixed font sizing on the same line didn't seem to affect readability much, if at all.
    E. Line feeds are not preserved, so if you have web text copied into the document, or it's basic ASCII LF only format you won't see line any line breaks.
    F. QO did not recognize equations in docx files. Saving as '97-'03 converts equations to bmp, which does appear in QO.
    G. QO does not do anything with word drawing elements (powerpnt is fine though ). Like equations, there won't even be a blank space where they should be.
    H. DOCX cropped images: Instead of being cropped, the entire image will be shown, but the image will be stretched/shrunk to fit the cropped size. WORKAROUND: save as Word '97-'03 file (seemed to work from a native 2010 file to '97 file), or compress the images in Word and specify delete cropped portion of the image. {pptx files have same issue}
    I. Copy text from QO Word (tap hold, adjust selection, copy)

    A. Generally very good ok rendering/display. Haven't played with complex timed slideshows yet. UPDATE: not so "very" after further testing - objects scaled down small are aliased/blurry, large photos are slow to fully render, tested some other stuff (see below)
    B. Same issue as WORD H. above.
    C. Tap screen to get rid of or restore the QO menu at top... Gives nice full screen view.
    D. Heavy flick up or down for prev or next slide.
    E. Slide preview window activates with the page icon in the menu
    F. Full zoom only about 2x, but helpful and only slightly blur to the rendering. Zoom in/out sometimes snaps to the next/prev slide.
    G. Photos look really good... If timings work (need to test/nope, see below) it would make a great photo frame!
    H. Haven't tested hyperlinks, transitions, timings or other interactives, but I don't expect much (and didn't discover much see below). (7/3/11)
    I. Copy text not available
    J. Timings: Nope, timed slides/automatic shows do not work
    K. Animations: Nope, animated objects appear in home position if not off the slide.
    L. Hyperlinks: Nope, formatting does not show the "blue underline" either
    M. Some graphic objects don't display correctly... Closed shapes with holes in them will do the fold over thing
    N. Colors and color fill variations appear to display well... Needs further investigation

    A. Worked... Could generally move about and see the sheet content and basic formatting. Need to test charts, other graphic elements.
    B. Assuming it can even handle embedded images, I expect the same issue with cropping as noted in WORD H. Above.
    C. Zoom is pretty poor... Most I could zoom out was about 7 columns by 16 rows. Rendering is good. Full zoom is 4 col by 6 rows (default sizes)
    D. Select text in current cell from "fx" field (tap hold, adjust selection, copy) selected character range will remain selected so jump to another cell and tap the selected text to copy a new selection from that cell.
    E. A little laggy scrolling and zooming.
    F. Cell formula will appear in the "fx" field, nice if you're checking math, not nice if you want a copy of the cell value.

    In general, QO is a bit slow on dragging, page rendering, zooming. This seems to get better the longer a document is open, so I think its cache related within QO.

    QO is rather laggy between documents, and will slow the whole TouchPad down a bit... If I close a big document (swipe off the screen), and switch to another open app, it takes about 5-10 seconds for this app to respond to touch input... Switching and maximizing are fast, just the inital response to inputs is laggy. Same thing happens within QO.

    It's an OK "out of the box" solution for office documents, I'll definitely be making use of this by tweaking some docs within Word/Excel/Ppt so they display/work, and it's still WAY better than my blackberry,but it will definitely need improvement before I pay for a full editting version or upgrade.
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    Powerpoint, not so good. I have some pretty detailed slides that just don't work. Is there any app that will take powerpoints into presentation mode? I didn't see this option in QuickOffice.

    I think I will create a TouchPad version of my presentation and go from there, but today this app does not help me on the powerpoint front.
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    try using mighty meeting and let us know thanks

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