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    Quote Originally Posted by un_designer View Post
    Also, it seems like just serves as a storage locker. I am not seeing a way for local apps to sync with it, w/o me having to go into the app and pulling content down.
    This is what it seems like, from the PC side -- I'm on the fence about a TP until the doc editing is in place. has said that file syncing is available for the business subscriptions, with it eventually (2011?) rolled to personal subscriptions.

    When I looked at my documents on my PCs, I realized that, once I discounted folders that I immediately saw I really would prefer not be synced or work just as archived storage, I only had about 5 GB of files that I would even consider sync-worthy. So, I determined that I'm just going to use Dropbox for my syncing and, should I get a TP and the 50 GB of, will be for archiving -- things like my resume, documents for discontinued/completed projects, etc.
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    Anybody figure out where the 'saved' (downloaded) files go?

    I 'saved' a bunch of pictures (all jpgs) and I can't find anything in Photos & Videos.

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    no issue here. I know there is a max file size that Box supports though.
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    can we download mp3 files into the Touchpad with this?
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    Not had success using Firefox. trying Chrome now and it has made it much further.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Honis View Post
    Some tips I'd like to pass on:

    On PC:
    • You can have open in multiple tabs in a browser (havn't tried multiple windows of the same browser).
      [**]You can upload multiple files at once by doing this (I havn't tried uploading things to the same folder, always multiple folders).
    • Opening a second different browser and logging in will logout any other current browser.
    • The bulk upload option is supposed to have an "Upload" button. I can see it in their screenshots for the tutorial. The screenshots show they are using some Mac OS.
    • Follow the directions here to add your account as a folder/networked drive in windows (this is how I drag and drop folders). (it's almost insanely slow)
    I tried the network drive in Windows option as well and your right, it was insanely slow. However, Gladinet (free download) does the same trick but it also maxed my upload speed (25Mbps). It also seems to bypass the max file size when uploading.
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    Quote Originally Posted by omahawildcat View Post
    Does work for music? Does it have a built in player?
    yes ... I uploaded music to Box and downloaded it to my TP and played it through the TP
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    Quote Originally Posted by bulls96 View Post
    can we download mp3 files into the Touchpad with this?
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