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    I am really excited for the touchpad as its IMO the only tablet competitive to the ipad but a key area that every OS fails in is apps, and it should be about quality not quantitiy as the ipad has just crossed 100k apps but I can assure there are really like a 1k only that is quality and everyone uses, so my idea for hp would be to kill the apps argument by focusing on all the quality ipad apps and offering all their developers free touchpads or even a discount, while the best ipad apps can vary, gizmodo has a really good list of the best ipad apps of all time and it's updated every month so if we just get all the apps on this list we would check off the apps argument. The Best iPad Apps
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    BTW, there are alot of apps that we don't need on this list like friendly as we have an optimised facebook app, beejive im doesn't matter as we have synergy integrated in the messaging app, we need an official twitter app, defintetly infinity blade and dead space are the best ios games, reeder, cnn and imdb for news stuff and more than 50 apps on the list webos should have.
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    HP needs to focus on getting apps from key businesses. All major banks should have an app. All cable/satellite providers. Key entertainment services etc. Out of the box, the touchpad can do many of the things that then ipad can do thanx to the browser. Unfortunately, those experiences arent exactly finger friendly.

    with HTML5 I think we'll see we'll see a shift away from apps, and a move back to web apps that can be run on any device. But for now, apps it is.
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    For me.

    A first class browser rivals big four on desktop.

    A comprehensive PIM suite

    A feature rich email rivals postbox

    Entertainment apps including netflix

    A MS. Office compatible editing app

    A remote pc app with encryption.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clevin View Post
    For me.
    Those would have me giddy.

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