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    Ok, I don't have a touchpad, and probably wont have one for a while. But I am still passionate about webOS and want to wish I could test some of its capabilities. I know its got about 300 touchpad optimized apps currently, but with a capable browser there are a lot of online applications that it could really take advantage of over something like a phone. With things like apples big push for HTML5 (I know, boo apple, but they did spurn a good move non flash development) and things designed for chromes webstore there are plenty of great apps that the touchpad should be able to make use of quite nicely. Here are some things that I would try if I owned the device myself:

    Graphicly: A fantastic comics reader
    Aviary Tools: A suite of media editing tools similar to the Creative Suite. Very cool, and if usable packs quite a punch vs the iPad
    Audio Tool: A fantastic soundboard emulator that is pretty capable.
    The Weather Channel:'s Weather application
    Entanglement: A simple tile based path game.
    Amazons Windowshop: A finger friendly layout of
    Grooveshark: the full featured Grooveshark webapp
    Bedtime Tunes: My favorite way to fall asleep. I found an HTML5 version a while back but don't know the URL anymore

    So how do these webapps fare on the touchpad? Know of anymore that are worth mentioning?
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    Just FYI, tried Aviary and works great..too tired to try the rest right now. There's a teensy bit of lag. And I want a pen. And thanks for showing me this it's super cool..
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    I've heard people say they like using the full web version of Grooveshark on the Touchpad. Also works for Google Music.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twisthem488 View Post
    Graphicly: A fantastic comics reader
    For what it's worth, ComicShelf HD will probably be my first touchpad release
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    grooveshark works great, been using it a lot
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    Burnstudios Audiotool

    Very heavy flash based virtual studio with virtual cables, etc, etc...
    You can load the demo to hear them


    EDIT: never mind! That thing even crashed Chrome on my PC...
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