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    So while perusing the HP website about the TouchPad, I stumbled across the following picture which has me baffled. By all accounts, it's a screen shot of a TouchPad using its camera, but it appears to be using a rear facing camera to take pictures with the option to switch over to a video mode. Is this something that exists on the TouchPad, or is this picture some fantasy about a feature that never made it into the final production?

    The link is:
    HP TouchPad Tablet | HP Official(R) Site
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    It's the messaging app....that pic is showing video chat. That said, not sure why the dog is the small picture?!?
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    That's definitely not what the messaging app/video chat looks like. I know it says Messaging on the top in that picture, but I assure you that is nowhere in the messaging app on board. Maybe an "add attachment" option is coming or not *shrug*.

    It may be signs of things to come, or a blown up photoshop of a Pre app...
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    i'm going with blown up photoshop of the pre app.

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