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    HP TouchPad Launches July 1st with iStoryTime App | Good E-Reader Blog - ebook Reader and Tablet PC News

    Wasn't sure if someone posted about this but I thought this was a very cool app for my kids...

    "One of the hotly anticipated devices launching July 1 is the HP TouchPad, a new addition to the ever-expanding family of touch screen tablets slated to use the webOS operating system. Computex attendees were treated to a sneak peek of the tablet, but the full launch is finally here. One of the installed features for launch on the TouchPad may surprise some consumers who are looking for the ideal multi-tasking business machine: iStoryTime’s interactive children’s app book, Kung ** Panda 2."
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    Haha, I like how P|C sensors "f u" on the Kung **!

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