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    I'm a noob to webos and I have a new TouchPad. How do I delete apps that I downloaded and find that I do not want? Also, I read on PreCentral that it's a good idea to have WebDoctor on my TouchPad..what is this app, where do I get it and when do I use it? Thanks for all the help for The Noob!
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    Welcome to webOS and PreCentral, Omegadog.

    Let's take the second issue first. WebOS Doctor is a process for restoring your device to original factory status. This is not an app that you would download to your Touchpad, but one that you would download from HP/Palm and run on your PC or Mac with the Touchpad connected by USB (at the proper time). I believe the PreCentral article was suggesting that you might want to download it to your computer to have it ready should you need it at some point.

    The easiest way to remove an app on the Touchpad is to tap and hold onto the icon of the app you want to remove until a box appears around it. AT the upper left corner of the box is an "x". Tap the "x" You'll then be asked to confirm whether you want to remove it. After removing, tap on the launcher page away from an icon to restore the page to normal.

    While the icons have boxes around them, you can drag and drop them to a new location on the page or to a different page of the launcher.
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    Thanks for help!! Removal worked..will download Webdoctor to my computer for (possible) future use.

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