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    So is there a power point viewer yet on the Tablet and if not do you when it will show up. Without one I can't justify the purchase since I need for road trips which I will be giving power point presentations. Seems risky to buy something with a future promise of a viewer. I can't guarantee everyplace will have wifi connection.
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    I've been playing with ms office 365 and it doesn't work 100%. I have a screenshot in another thread...
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    There is a mighty meeting app that lets you upload powerpoints to the web and then you can invite people to view them. I'm not sure if you would have to upload from your laptop right now or if quickoffice will do it.
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    Quickoffice does allow you to view powerpoint documents. I am doing it right now. I uploaded the powerpoint from my laptop using the "" app and then opened it from the box app using quickoffice.
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    Yeah, powerpoint viewer is already there with quickoffice!

    I have it hooked up to Dropbox and it works as well as opening powerpoint email attachments.
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    So that is two confirmations that QuickOffice supports PPT viewing. Why does the precentral review (part 1) state the following?

    The QuickOffice Suite supports the viewing of Excel, Word, and PDF files (which launch into a separate Adobe Reader app). It does not yet support PowerPoint files, nor does it any editing.

    Did you guys have to download an update to get it to work? Have screen shots? Sorry to be so skeptical, but after seeing several 'official' reviews that said there is no PowerPoint support, I cancelled my pre-order. If I can see some proof I'll go buy one today!

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    This thread below showing videos so I asked for a powerpoint video:
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluenote View Post
    This thread below showing videos so I asked for a powerpoint video:
    Excellent. I'll monitor that thread.

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    Here is a third confirmation. I just viewed a powerpoint presentation in QuickOffice.
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    I was able to open a powerpoint, but the slides with dynamic tables all appear to show as blank. I will try to open another presentation to see if I have the same problem.
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    Don't forget the Mighty Meeting app highlighted on as one of P/C's articles:

    Article says it can do powerpoint.

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