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    I would be happy to simply do the edit mentioned earlier even if it breaks Google chat, as I never use that. Anyone know a link to some instructions for it?
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    not sure but this might work
    if not there are a couple of other posts related to it. I think nuttybunny is working on something as well right now.
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    with this patch in the Messiging App... can I background (or colose?) it and when I am in a other App - I get a message/popup?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ortin2833 View Post
    I read on another forum that a patch should be available soon in preware, and until then just use this link....

    Facebook Chat


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    The link to fb chat page is a good solution until an update to chat is available :-)
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    I found another way to use facebook chat.
    1) Make sure you are logged in on using the "keep me logged in option."
    2) Go to AIM - Chat with all your Buddies & Facebook friends and click on "Chat Online."
    3) Click the Facebook sign on portal.
    4) Now, when the touchpad opens a new card, let it load for a few seconds.
    5) The screen should say "You are now signed in as ____ _______" Click continue in the bottom right corner.
    6) The page should appear blank and you can now just close it (flick it away) and go back to the card you were working with just before.
    5) Now your facebook profile picture and name should appear in the sign in portal and you can sign in (choose remember me).

    To make chatting easier,
    1)To start a new IM, hit the tools button (to the left of the Buddies tab) and hit "New IM"
    2) To make the buddy list easier to manage and navigate, hit the tools button and hit "Hide Groups" and "Show Compact Buddy List"

    Now, add as a bookmark or to the launcher for fast access!
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    <threads merged>

    Nice find.
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    facebook seem to have removed the facebook popout chat link :-(
    is the aim method the only solution we've got now?
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    I'm sure that many of you seen the Aim synergy option in the messaging app on the Touchpad. I've signed up to Aim and linked it to my Facebook account, however it hasn't brought my contacts with it. As a result there are no contacts shown in the Messenger app on my Touchpad. Has anyone got this to work in the messenger app? Any help is much appreciated.
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    I use for Facebook chat as well as Windows Live Messenger.

    It works great.
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    IIRC there's an enyo-based facebook chat app... it's available for my Pre3 at least, so maybe it's out for touchpad too?
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    You could try this by yours truly
    Still has some quirks, but works most of the time on Pre3 and Touchpad
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