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    iCookbook App Now Available on HP TouchPad
    Chicago, IL (PRWEB) July 01, 2011

    iCookbook App Now Available on HP TouchPad

    The iCookbook app is now available on the HP TouchPad. The highlight app for anyone who spends time in the kitchen, iCookbook for HP webOS from Publications International includes more than 2,000 recipes from some of the top food brands in the world, and includes features that make it a great sit-on-the-counter meal planning and preparation app

    The unique capabilities of webOS, such as TouchPad's enhanced navigation methods, enabled PIL to add custom experiences to iCookbook. For example, iCookbook leverages a multi-panel view in the "Prepare" display that makes access to information easier and more intuitive.
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    Even though this thread is months-dead, I couldn't find a better spot for this, and didn't want to start a new thread.

    It doesn't sound like they're planning to do any more updates to this app unless absolutely necessary; I can't recommend anyone spend the $5 on it for webOS.

    "... thanks for writing in. I do apologize but given HP's current WebOS status we have limited ability to support the platform with updates. iCookbook is available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, Android tablets including the Kindle Fire, and has recently been introduced at CES as developing for the Windows 8 platform."
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    yeah. it sucks. it was actually pretty decent, but on their website they said they were discontinuing any updates for it. so basically anyone who bought it got screwed over.

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