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    From pc mag's list of 10 best apps--Could someone please check this out and let us know what you think?:

    "Typewriter Beta (Free)

    An ingenious, and good-looking text processor for the TouchPad, Typewriter uses e-mail-like formatting conventions (for instance, “_italic_” and “[hotlink]” to create elegant documents. You can save your files to Dropbox, email them, or just save them on the TouchPad to transfer over later via USB. I'd like to see more features, such as spell check and find-and-replace, but this is a good start."
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    it's interesting, for sure. The drag-bar to preview what the document looks like with its markup applied is pretty slick.

    However, it's very sans-features at this point. I don't see any way to even delete the document(s) I create. I don't have any purpose at all for this guy, though.
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    can you save to boxnet?
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    The UI is fantastic, but I wish there was a way to export to google docs or to a .txt or .doc file and to print. Until then, it's kinda locked to the device, which is too bad, although it sure beats the notes app for writing something a little bit more elaborate.
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    I just tried it out and it is very basic. Better than nothing, but still not a true word processor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluenote View Post
    can you save to boxnet?
    options are dropbox, email, and print. no boxnet.
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    Swipe down from the top left menu and tap "Share" to see options for Dropbox, email and print!
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    Ok so I really like this model for use in tying my meeting noets while in the meeting. faster than trying to format using drop downs, etc, in quickoffice (which is limited still anyway, and no text assist)

    I have been happily using tapnotes but it seems that this would give me more formatting options without a lot of complexity.

    But ultimatly I want to export the FORMATTED output and paste into the meeting entry in my MS Outlook calendar. ANybosy have a method for this? Converter on PC?

    I think this could be a great tool, but I need to get the info OUT of this tool too.
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    OK I did find this
    Online Markdown Editor

    not sure if the extra step of having to paste it in here, and then copy from the preview window , to then insert in my calendar is going to be too many steps for my daily workflow, but I think I will give it a try
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    ok...I like markup, but twice now I have for no reason, lost doc's I was editing with typewriter. So I am still using markup, but back to tapnotes as my editor.

    best of both worlds.
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    Also lost data in Typewriter Beta -- entire file was completely erased. Also the bar dividing formatted and non-formatted view seems to have a mind of its own. Hitting the ctrl key on the bluetooth keyboard has erratic effects (I mostly do it by accident, instincts from my PC) and can make the program unstable.

    Basically, it's still a beta, not quite usable yet.
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    Hi all,

    I want to know how to delete the files I create in Typewriter (beta) for the HP TouchPad?


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