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    I just downloaded this app. It looks like the Touchpad is getting more and more apps. This app was a must for me on the Pre but they didn't offer it. Thanks HP!
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    I wonder if they'll offer a mojo version, or if we'll have to wait until phones get enyo
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    How do pause the station without having to close the app? I see no audio controls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by de_great View Post
    How do pause the station without having to close the app? I see no audio controls.
    Not looking at the TP right now, but if I remember correctly, when the station is playing there is a bar at the top of the screen that lists the station/song. There is a small stop (or pause) button on the right side... I think.
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    not sure if my Twitter and facebook accounts are synced, and definitely don't see how to log in to my website account. That's a bummer.
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    Is there any way to get the iHeartRadio app onto a Pre 2?
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    it isn't available in the UK market place, I have heard of it from numerous threads but nit experienced it. Is it a free app or paid
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    It's a free app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SilvrDrgn View Post
    It's a free app.
    For now. I have the distinct impression that there will be charges after the 1st of the year (maybe tiered?).
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    TuneIn is free and has more stations. The paid version is even better.
    Or you can just tune in through the browser
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