Ok, maybe it's just me still loving my Pre- too much. My work Google Account allows me to see co-workers Calendars. With my Pre- I can set them off by default for the "All Calendars" view so I never seem them unless I specifically go it to turn them on. Even when toggling All Calendars on.

This doesn't appear to be possible on the Touchpad. They are all across the top of the Calendar (which I really don't want either) so they can be turned on/off at will. Problem is there is no way to keep them off when I want my All Calendars on, which was typically all my personal Calendars only. Plus, there are so many co-workers that there is a lot of scrolling back and forth to get to my various personal Calendars. I don't like this implementation at all and might end up having to remove my work Google Account, resorting to using the web page.

Hopefully someone can create a Calendar View Option preference page similar to 1.4.5.