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    Would someone like to post some of the more noteworthy games down? My favorite games on my iPad are board games, so is there a boggle, scrabble, monopoly, game of life, or anything liken that? Also racing games are a favorite, so far I know need for speed and shrek kart. On the ad, sshrek kart is damn awful, are there any more? And does shrek kart still have anaqful frame rate? Thanks.
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    no touch pad board games yet, when I searched for board games vampires vs. Werewolves HD is the only game that was touch pad ready
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    in the HP App Catalog, they should have a sort option on "For TouchPad". However, App Catalog seems to be down right now. I keep receiving "the action could not be completed. Try again later." when I try and launch it.

    All other web activity works.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidra View Post
    why is there not a simple list of available (not rumored) apps? It would help me decide whether or not to buy.
    agree. i think it's important to have when people are using it to base purchases on.

    Quote Originally Posted by davidra View Post
    I dropped by BB and there was an HP rep there with his personal TP they gave him (not the demo unit on display)
    no such luck at my best buy. You're totally in the dark as to what apps are available. Because you can't browse the catalong. Which is gives a very limited impression. Especially when the ipad catalog, on display only 5 feet, away, is fully browseable by people i the store. You can even download free apps. It gives the impression that you can do just a few things with the touchpad and hundreds of thousands of things with the ipad. I think that is not the best way to show the device. Honestly were i in the market for a tablet available apps would be one of my number one topics of interest.

    Quote Originally Posted by UncleKeg View Post
    The fact that there is no web page to browse touchpad apps is totally ridiculous. Why is that a crazy statement?
    100% agree. I don't understand why they don't think this is important.

    And they said there would be "all essential apps" I expected an app explosion and i've heard basically nothing. I expected all the mainstream apps like espn and cnn and netflix etc to storm into the catalog. Everyone said, Oh they are holding this back and that back for webos 3.0. So it would be kinda cool to browse and monitor what's showing up. And with no way to browse there's no way to see if anything more then the novelty stuff that's in there now has shown up.
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