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    When will be open the App Catalog for Touchpad? I can launch it but there is only Facebook app (and does not work). I didn't choose USA country, so I wonder if it is not locked somehow
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    Why nobody answer to this question? is a week that i try to get some news...i want to buy a TouchPad but its important to know about app catalog for me (i live in Italy)..there was news days ago saying that the geo-restriction will be removed with touchpad and webos somebody that have the Touchpad can confirm this?
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    Geo restrictions have been removed previously, there is a thread on it and I believe it was posted on the front page. Has been working on 2.x+ devices.

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    Thanks for answer! so this mean that i can buy and use app catalog also here in Italy with TouchPad and my Pre 2? what about credit card how i ll buy the apps?

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