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    Missing Sync works (wired, haven't tried wireless yet). I sync'd photos and music. I did have an issue when I first opened the music app last night, it didn't see any of the new music. This morning, it did. So there is still some media indexing issue going on, but with the OS or the music app.

    The Kindle app isn't really live yet, just a message saying it will be live soon. Same with the HP MovieStore app.

    Has anyone tried Classic?


    Sprint Navigation?

    Sprint TV?
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    Pandora was acting weird and then forced a reset.
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    I am interested to know if ZumoDrive works.
    Sprint Palm Pre 1.4.5 @ 1G
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    I just tried running Sprint TV on the TouchPad, but unfortunately it prompts me to turn off airplane mode and then shuts down. Is there any way to spoof it to not look for the Sprint network?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jadiff View Post
    I am interested to know if ZumoDrive works.
    It does.

    You can definitely download from ZumoDrive to the TP using the ZumoDrive app. You can upload from the TP, but it only looks for files in the directory where the web browser saves to. I don't have Internalz on my TP, so I don't know what directory that is.

    I guess I ought to load up Internalz on my TP, eh?

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