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    I woke up this morning and saw "Introducing Wordpress for HP WebOS" and I had to check Precentral to see if the news had reached everyone. HP surprised me with this app, I blog all the time and this makes the TouchPad that much more enticing to me.
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    This is really cool to see.

    WordPress for WebOS

    Oh and apparently its open source code
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    My Touchpad arrives tomorrow, and Wordpress for WebOS will be on of the first apps I put on it. Very Cool news!
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    Wow that's huge for me. I'll be getting a T-Pad as soon as I can actually afford it without my g/f breaking my neck for buying it.
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    That's just a sample of the "HP's muscle" we've heard before... great news, undoubtly.
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    That's great news. Not sure if I'll use it but it looks promising and I might need it and not even know it yet?

    Also, the price for it is $Free.99!!!! Can't beat it.
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    This is awesome. I thought one of the reviewers stated the wordpress site worked also, without an app. If I recall correctly, he said it was not accessible by other tablets.
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    Beautifully done for webOS. Uses panels, stacks, etc.

    Here is a video: WordPress for WebOS
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    Sweet...wish we had something for Joomla, but I can work that through the web interface. Sorli...

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