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    Quote Originally Posted by sledge007 View Post
    Google Sky Maps - point your phone into the sky and it'll tell you what planet/star/constellation/horizon/etc is there.
    I've sooooo been wanting this app on webOS. My husband switched to android, and this was the first app he downloaded (mainly for me). I love it!

    I'd also love to see Words with Friends and compatibility with the Square Credit Card Processer.

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    yahoo fantasy sports app that will work on veer - i don't have touch pad (yet)
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    I don't think the OP's looking at this thread anymore. His last comment was on July 5th...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jay_son28 View Post
    yahoo fantasy sports app that will work on veer - i don't have touch pad (yet)
    I could use this for Veer and TP.... I run an league too though...
    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...
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    I wouldnt mind an app that when ran, gives you a keypad to enter a previously defined 4 digit pin number, until you enter the pin somehow have the cardview / other stuff disabled so the app cant be swiped away or otehrwise bypassed.

    I have a naughty nephew/some others who can happily just pick it up atm and use it when i dont want them too.
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    I would love a great needlecrafting app.

    On iphone, there are several. Here's what would be great:

    multi-craft (not just knit, stitiching, etc, but all)

    pdf viewer built in that can easily be zoomed to show detail on charts

    Touch 'counter' to keep track of number of rows or stitches

    Another box that has links to the project in your account....(facebook for crafters with supplies info). so you can update. Maybe links to common 'help' sites.

    I think the TP is perfect for us crafters because you have the notification area and so forth, so if you want to go to your email or IM, you won't lose your place.

    I'd be glad to give the crafty help!
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    A Terminal, new vnc client, WIFI analysis tools, nmap and a gui would be cool.
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    How about make the touchpad be an external monitor for a computer.

    there are 3 apps out now that do it for ipad and android.

    they work through wireless but a usb option would also be good.

    Personally I would pay $50 for this appl
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    A Benchmarking app
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    A split keyboard is almost necessary. Especially in landscape mode, the hunt and peck method of typing I have to resort to on the touchpad is borderline unbearable. If someone could make a keyboard that split the keys to each side of the screen for easy thumb typing, I would be eternally grateful.

    The same kindof thing is available for android, called Thumb Keyboard. iOS5 is supposed to come witha split keyboard as well, and even years ago the microsoft UMPC's had them.
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    How About a Google+ App?
    Palm History:

    Treo 500 > Treo Pro > Pre > PrePlus > Touchpad
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    How about an Email app that downloads and keeps your messages until you delete them.
    I will often still use Palm mail in Classic for messages I need to keep. This works on my phone but not my TP.
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    I don't know if this has been mentioned, but it would be really cool if HP was monitoring this thread and support development of the most requested, or most unique and functional app requests.

    One can only hope!
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    A mobile web browser that would let us browse the mobile version of googles websites.
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    definitely a handwriting or note taking app is needed. As well as improving upon the pdf reader which doesn't allow bookmarking or page jumping.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MordechaiNisa View Post
    A mobile web browser that would let us browse the mobile version of googles websites.
    This is a parody post, right?
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    I would like an app that scrolls text like a teleprompter...
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    facebook chat!
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    how bout a new music player app that doesn't just load te first 500 songs of my 2600+ songs lol. I've downloaded a couple players but they all do the same thing
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    Quote Originally Posted by dmglakewood View Post
    Hello everyone, I'm a palm developer and I've created over 10 apps for the palm pre / pixi and now I'm moving into the TouchPad development.

    I'm just wondering what kind of apps you would like to see on the larger real estate of the TouchPad. I can't wait to pick mine up today and start my first app. I just need some ideas to get me started.

    Apps and Stacks -

    Have an app with (2) icons on your launcher. One is the actual app with settings and features and the other is a (launcher icon). Open up the actual app and set favorite apps and stacks you want open all at once. This could be the apps on your TP or websites. Save and exit. Go to the Launcher icon and tap once. All your favorite apps and stacks open at once.

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