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    I would love to see any camera app!! I hate that the TP has a camera and I cant use it!! Especially a camera app that takes distorted pics. I would love to see a netflix app, one that I can watch my movies on. Also, an app like tango or facetime something other than skype no one I know uses skype. A music downloading app, and a music recognition app. A voice recorder app. Words with friends app thats cross platforms why dont we have it? I think I can go on and on but I dont want to overwhelm you!! Thank you for what you have done, doing, and are about todo.
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    An app to sync with Quicken on my pc.
    A Go to my PC like app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bones View Post
    Full disclosure: iPad1 owner and work in MS shop. Desperatley want to move to webOS so a few ideas and iOS examples:

    2. OneNote - MobileNoter
    3. in lieu of OnNote a robust note's app with capacitive stylus and keyboard input - No winner but Noyes Plus, Note Taker HD, Notability as IOS examples
    Yes, yes and yes. A OneNote competitor for the touchpad would make all my dreams come true. Generic capacitive styli exist and should be useable on the touchpad, but without OneNote-type function, it really doesn't matter to me (text recognition!!!, note tagging for tasks/action items, maybe even calendar integration).

    Also, the suggestion about Netflix would be nice. The MS Communicator integration would be sweet, but I doubt my company's corporate IT is as excited as me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wlmoore View Post
    Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) is holding a mobile app contest for apps on any platform that make best use of their online bus and light rail schedule information. The prizes are an iPad 2 and an Android tablet, but webOS entries are fine. Contest closes 7/25/2011 (sorry for short notice). VTA is the transit authority for Silicon Valley where of course HP and Palm are based (and Apple and Google too), so a lot of bus-riding webOS-using HP employees would be interested in a full-featured elegant bus route & schedule app. So would I.

    Contest info is here: Dev: Mobile App Contest - Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
    VTA makes sense for mobile phones, not a tablet really. You want to have it while commuting.
    Apps: MyQ for Netflix (Phone/TouchPad), Giantbomb (Phone), Excavate (Reddit/Digg clients for TouchPad)
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    I would love (as i have stated in the main app area) a simple or complex camera app. PLEASE
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    With the near-epidemic increase of Type II diabetes, an easy to use app to track Blood Glucose readings, Insulin taken, other meds, notes, food diary, insulin calculations and such is sorely needed. I have an app on my Palm Pre Plus that can do some of the things listed here, but the developer has been non-cooperative in enhancing the basic app.

    Graphing of various items with selectable date ranges is helpful. The app should play nice with the Backup & Restore feature. All data should be exportable for backup and/or manipulation by other programs like Excel. Conversely, the exported data file should be importable in case the TouchPad should need to be "doctored" or otherwise completely reset.

    An option of the export feature would be the ability to e-mail a selected range of data, say to your physician, to be added to his files or to analyze to make suggestions/modifications to your treatment plan.
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    I would love to see a simple Mancala game. Flipside5 (I believe) makes a good one for iOS and really it shouldn't be too difficult.
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    I havent fired up the TouchPad since I left home this morning, but I would suggest the following:
    • Mind Mapping app (iThoughtsHD looks good)
    • Amazon S3 Synergy service (like
    • Beats Maker app with Mic input
    • Bible app that has page turns, supports both keyboard and stylus input for notes
    • Notes app that supports both keyboard and stylus input, allows placing of pictures and exports to JPEG and PDF
    • Google Picasa Synergy
    • Swype keyboard (its easier to type with one finger)
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikethegoalie32 View Post
    One app that I would love to see developed would be for coaching. I plan on using my TP a lot for coaching my competitive hockey team, and it would be neat to have an app that would:
    - Be able to use as a hockey white board to draw things in front of the kids
    - Be able to create drills in advance and store them so I can pull them up whenever, would be cool if the could be 2d versions of the white board where the players actually move.
    - Be able to have a lineup card with player stats able to pop up for each player.
    - Be able to insert league stats and keep track of the rest of the league that way.

    ETC.. etc..

    have more ideas for a app like such, would be amazing.
    Great idea! Make this for each sport, and you can bet that coaches everywhere would be on it! (Sign me up for a basketball version)
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    Quote Originally Posted by dmglakewood View Post
    Hello everyone, I'm a palm developer and I've created over 10 apps for the palm pre / pixi and now I'm moving into the TouchPad development.

    I'm just wondering what kind of apps you would like to see on the larger real estate of the TouchPad. I can't wait to pick mine up today and start my first app. I just need some ideas to get me started.

    I am a professional pilot and would love to have a logbook app. There are lots of piloting apps for the ipad, and most of the info is just data entry. Might be a fairly easy one to start off with.
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    I have looked for a developer like this on iOS, Android, and now webOS...thanks for asking. I am a teacher, and I have been looking for a simple gradebook tool that does what I want it to do. I have many specifics on what I would like it to do, please contact me for input if you decide to make one. At the least, it needs to keep daily attendance, behaviour, classroom participation, and assignment grades (in separate tabs I guess) for at least 8 classes. Input/adding dates or assignments, should be simple and intuitive.
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    I'd like to see a Find My TouchPad app. Just incase someone with sticky fingers walks away with my TouchPad.
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    I would like to see a Plex client for webos. Plex 9 has a nice API. And I know that the Plex media server transcodes the videos to iOs compatible format (which has always played well in the webos video player). This would be a hugely useful media app to get your own music, photos, and videos on webos through your own personal cloud.
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    Not sure if this would be considered an "App" but I would LOVE to see a thumb keyboard implemented. Like this:

    Thumb Keyboard
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    A decent word processor would really be helpful. Quickoffice said a year ago they were working... Time is up!
    I also vote for calendar and task manager that is useful.
    Thanks for asking
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    Quote Originally Posted by hendrik17 View Post
    I would love to see a good google reader app. Something like reeder for ipad would be really great. Reeder

    Or is there a good google reader client out for the TP?
    GReader HD is now available

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    kijiji and craiglist would be an easy one
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    Quote Originally Posted by mapara View Post
    GReader HD is now available

    Darn, not fast enough. Well, at least now I know who I have to beat.
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    I know this is almost an impossible ask but I want the ability to have multiple accounts on the Touchpad - allowing for example my wife and I to sign in separately and point to different palm accounts. Unfortunately it seems like this would entail almost reinitializing the Touchpad on signing in so likely isn't practical but that's what I want.

    I think is very shortsighted of HP to treat the =Touchpad as a personal device (like a phone) vs giving it multi user device. In my house I want to lay it on the kitchen counter and have the whole family use it. Hp's attitude is obviously to force us to buy one for each member of the household.. Having this would be another differentiator.
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    Similar to Windows XP, Vista, 7 login screens
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