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    I would buy a star map app like I see my friends on android using! I know the one in preware but, it does not move to my sky automaticly unless I am missing something?
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    I'd like an app that'll unrar or unzip an archive that was split into multiple files. gave us 50Gigs free space but has a file size limit on our uploads of 25megs per file. The only way to upload a movie or such would be to compress and split in 25meg files. Would be great to have a way to download said folder from and then extract/unrar right from the TouchPad and then delete archive folder..
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    I need an app that will give me the ability to view and edit xfdl forms. I need this for my job. You will make a lot of government workers happy with this.
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    The most wanted for me is some sort of writing tool for PDF/Doc files. I want to be able to use a stylus and write notes for school!!
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    Say I install a large image, like a map, on my touchpad. Now I want to zoom all the way out, all the way in, or pan around. The touchpad's built-in image viewer doesn't allow that.
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    I would like an app/patch that would allow me to use the iOS version of Google Music on the HP TouchPad. I hope this could get done. Would be awesome
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    I am looking for an app for Ribbit (Ribbit Corporation) to let me check my voicemails. That would be awesome. Also,I use a website called Hineynu used by clergy to keep track of pastoral care and would love an app for that. I can put you in touch with the dev who runs Hineynu if someone could create this. He is nog a webOS guy.But I find that many clergy like me are.
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    oops. In my post above instead of Ribbit corporation it should have said
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    I would like sports scorebook apps.
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    This may have been touched on a bit already in 3 other HP Touchpad printing threads, but from what I understand, there a number of HP printers that are e-print enabled that can't be printed to from the Touchpad, because they are not PCL compatible. There are also many other non-HP printers that are wireless/networked and have PCL capability (both requirements to print from a Touchpad), but can't be printed to, simply because they aren't HP printers.

    There are a number of paid android apps that try to enable printing within android based devices, but none work very well. However, it seems that the problem here is quite solveable as the PCL capability already exists within webOs. Also, many newer, non PCL printers from HP are Airprint and e-print capable, but for some some reason they can only be printed to from an Ipad/Ipod with Airprint. I for one, and many others, I'm sure, would be willing to pay a buck or 3 to allow printing to an existing printer, whether it be e-print or PCL (non-HP) capable, in order to save on purchasing a higher priced (PCL based) HP printer.

    Just my 2 cents...(and maybe 3 bucks later on...)
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    I dontknow if this came up already but I've stated before if I can change one thing or have a good app, it'd be a really really good optimized browser with download manager, tabbing, gesture, full screen mode, etc.
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    three ideas for you:

    !) Mahjong (There's already one in the app market, but it looks like garbage. Check out random mahjong for android, beautiful!)

    2) A handwritten notes app

    3) But most of all: google video chat.
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    Definitely a hand writing/drawing app to sketch ideas and make notes. There are some excellent and feature packed note taking apps on iPad but we need one for our excellent webos.
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    I'm still waiting on a siddur (Jewish prayerbook)
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    I just found this thread. I would pay for a decent epub reader. preader may read other stuff, but when it comes to epub, it chokes like a pig at a buffet.

    I want to second the idea of a decent RDP client.

    Also, a dropbox app or way to wirelessly copy data to my device. I know some of these exist, but I've heard mixed reviews. But on my list of priorities, epub reader is top. I got $5 for it right now
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    not sure if it was said already but I would love a real PDF reader. Something that could word search, highlight, and if possible take notes.
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    I have a game I wrote in basic that I want to convert to the touchpad. I'm new to the webOS scene and still have allot to learn. If you might be interested in converting it for me that would be great. Its a small program and not really much to it
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    Quote Originally Posted by cthetford View Post
    1) A task manager that syncs to the cloud (data stored on so that tasks / reminders stay synced between my PRE and the touchpad.
    2) Ditto with a password vault of some sort. I use Keyring on the PRE.. would be nice if that data was also available while I'm using the touchpad.
    3) Freemind ported to the Touchpad.
    1) Hiveminder
    2) Last Pass
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    Quote Originally Posted by vajurewi View Post
    1. Add the DELETE key to the e-keyboard.
    2. Add cut/copy/paste shortcuts (like the PC's CRTL-C,V,X) to all apps top menus
    Those are patches I'd pay money for - as long as it works in all apps.
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    I would love to see an android emulator so it can be run from within webos. I would pay twenty or thirty bucks for an app like that.
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