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    Here's a utility I'd pay money for. Something that will go through my calendar (in this case, on my Pre2) and delete all "undefined" appointments. A calendar can "disconnect" from the phone, leaving behind orphan appointments that get caught up into your profile with no way to delete other than to manually delete each individually. This seems to be a problem that has plagued others as well.
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    I would like to see a Remote Desktop App, similar to Logmein on the iPad. Like to remote into my Windows 7 computer to do some critical things in a pinch.
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    I'd like to see a working texting app where you can send messages to any phone not just certain ones
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    VNC, RDP, & a secondary external monitor/display app (like iDisplay on iOS & Android)
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    I like a Task app that will sync with Producteev and have ALL the features of Producteev.
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    I would to see aiRoboform developed for the TP.
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    A touchstone friendly aquarium exhibition app with built in alarm clock. Easily a $5 app to me
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    all of the above and 299,000 fart apps so we can have everything iOS has!
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    Synergy services!!!! MSN/Jabber please

    I also second the VNC idea
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    I'd love an Eye-fi syncing app, but I don't see one happening.
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    I would still like to see a ringtone shuffler for the Pre/Pixi
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    Swype type keyboard app and a voice recognition typing input.

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!!
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    +1 for Swype and voice recognition input!
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    +1 for Swype and voice recognition input!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2TouchDroid? View Post
    all of the above and 299,000 fart apps so we can have everything iOS has!
    It's been a couple days so it should be more like 309,999 fart apps.
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    I would love something similar to IMO on iOS devices, basically supports MSN and like 10 other services. I purchased a $6.00 app that was supposed to give me MSN but I didn't know then to look for the "For TouchPad" on the App Catalogue so now it's tiny (and doesn't seem to work properly)
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    I would pay for these
    voip (ventrilo etc) - 1 can dream lol
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    it would be awesome to have an app similar to desktop widget on palm
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    A Vnc app and a bittorrent client would change this tablet completely.
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    Don't know if there is a demand for this idea, but I do inspections, audits and assessments and think that it would be very practical to have a inspection/checklist type app that i can use while doing my walkabouts linked to the front cam so that I can take pictures of non compliance/evidence, etc

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