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    Hi, all

    in due time before the holidays, here's an app to test:


    Here are some screenshots:

    TransDeEn.png TranslateEnJa.png Preferences.png DetailsDictionary.png

    I've tested my app in the last weeks in my holiday, and I think now it could be publicly released.

    Like the name suggests, it is simply a lookup tool, that works also in offline mode, because the dictionaries were imported before on the device. Currently the variety of free available and distributable dictionaries is limited.

    Who knows any dictionary, that is also free and distributable, please let me know. If I can include the download in my app, I may give the finder a promo-code for the full version of this app.

    Here you may find some useful dictionaries, to download (on your desktop) and transfer to webOS:

    Anyway, you can also upload existing dictionaries by the USB-partition to your device.

    OfflineDict can be found in the Beta-Channel under:

    For suggestions and contructive critic always grateful:

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