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    Does anyone know if touchpad will launch with an app that will annotate (highlight, allow for notes, etc) pdf documents? I would guess that the a number of vendors will show up eventually with apps, but I'm wondering if there will be one (Iannotate or whatever) available immediately?
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    might have to wait for the quickoffice update to editable documents before that will happen. Or a completely different app. Hope it comes soon though.
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    The pdf reader of the touchpad does not allow this yet. That kinda sucks for now... I really hope thats something they are planning on adding. Either that or some resourceful homebrew dev can take on this opportunity to patch up the pdf reader.
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    This is a big deal for me, too. I purchased the TP thinking that I could use it for PDF annotation - and am more than disappointed that I cannot...
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    I agree that we really, really need a full-function PDF reader that allows highlighting, annotation, copying, and all the other functions we have with Windows and Android applications.

    I mainly use my TP for reading, and most of what I want to read is in PDF format. Without a full-service PDF reader, the TP isn't much more than a toy.

    I doubt HP will be putting much money into developing apps for a platform it's abandoning, but maybe Google will invest in a patch that will allow Android apps to run under webOS, thus opening up a whole new (if admittedly relatively small) market for its Android developers.
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    I agree, this is a critical need. I'm surprised no one has put this out yet.

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