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    I have noticed in a couple of videos now that when you move your cards around it is fun and easy to do, but when you want to add a card to a deck there is a couple of millisecond of hesitation for the deck to "grab" the new card, forcing you on focusing a little bit more about what you are doing, not much but it is there.
    It would be cool to move your card around until you put it next to the card or deck you are targeting. When you want to stack your card, move it with 2 fingers. What will happen is this gesture will lock the card/deck on the left and the right of the card you want to move. So no matter the speed or the travelling distance of your fingers on the screen, that card will only go with the card/deck on its left or the card/deck on its right, creating confidence and remove uncertainty and frustration of the "fear" of the card jumping over any targeting card/deck.
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    I'd love a two-finger back swipe to go back, and a two finger swipe across the screen to change apps like on the Pre.
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