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    man I've been using HandBase on all my Palm organizers/smart phones and also on my iPhone3g so I'm just totally shocked that I won't be able to use it on my future Pre3 :-(

    so now is there any other Database program comparable to HandBase for WebOS???
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    pheww..thanks for the I just have to figure out how to get my old HandBase info over to Datamanager when my Pre3 arrives :-)
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    I had the same issue over a year ago when I got my first Pre +, I have been using My DataBank Unlimited. There's a free version that is fully functional but has a record limit. The developer is very responsive here on precentral.
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    I likewise have been a long time HanDBase user for both work and personal applications. I have been continuing to use it on my Pre through the Classic emulator. With the great dismay of learning that Classic will not be available on WebOS versions higher than what my Pre has, and the twin dilemma of many new and exciting WebOS applications not being available for my Pre with 1.4.5 I have made the hopefully temporary shift to an Evo 4G (NOT 3D). I have a Nook Color e-reader which I had “rooted” so it now functions as a tablet, running the same applications as the phone (the 7” form factor I find more convenient than a larger device at the moment). HanDBase is now available in an Android version (since last fall) and I have it installed on both devices. Though not as full featured as the original PalmOS version that I had been using through Classic, it is working very well for me.

    Ironically (and tragically) if HP/Palm had not been so intransigent about not allowing the continued use of Classic (for reasons I have yet to discern, and they have never really explained, as far as I know) I would have invested my technology and programming dollars this year in a Pre3 and TouchPad and their applications *sigh*. I still hope my shift to the “A” factor will be a temporary one.

    I have “My DataBank Unlimited” installed on the Pre and I still have the Pre so I may very well check out “DataManager” (I am a bit of a database and PIM “junkie”). These both look good but do not meet my needs the way HanDBase does, for these reasons:

    From way back in my Palm PDA days (starting with a monochrome Sony Clie) I have always looked for programs that offer both full featured desktop and handheld versions, which directly synchronize with each other. My appreciation of the utility and virtue of this has not changed. If I am going to program the functions of a relational database I want to do it with the convenience and comfort of a full size keyboard and monitor (and I certainly don’t want to do it on my Pre). At the end of work day when I want to review notes, update client information, analyze field data collected, I want to quickly and conveniently synchronize (not import/export ~ haven’t had to mess with that since DOS day ~ yeah, I’m really old) to the convenience and comfort of a desktop
    application. HanDBase does that. It also directly syncs with MS Access if one needs some more “power” than what their desktop version offers.

    Another “rant” of mine: A disadvantage of Classic (and many newer applications and devices) is having to wi-fi sync. I work in agricultural research and production in a rural environment. Unlike some people apparently I DO NOT live in a 24/7 wi-fi environment. Since I’ve switched to Android I can once again USB cable sync (I will also once again emphasis the importance to my productivity of being able to synchronize data between devices, not just “import/export”) my database and PIM information between the handheld and the PC. In addition to HanDBase I’m using Pimlical Desktop (contacts, calendar, to-do lists, memos) which syncs nicely with CompanionLink’s DejaOffice on the handheld (Mikey does not use the “cloud”).

    Back to the klx300r’s question on how to move his HanDBase data over, that should be fairly simple. Export your HDB data as csv files. Program the WebOS application to have the same fields (type and function) as your HanDBase databases. Then, import the csv file for each one.
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    @ moneil7

    thanks for the info & btw, I agree with your rant about synchronization

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