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    Wow thats amazing...Seems like someones really trying to make a point... They call that something dont they??

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    Quote Originally Posted by nhavar View Post
    Okay, so you got an e-mail that seemed to be boiler plate pointing out some general issues that the HP team is aware of that might cause Mojo apps to fail when run under webOS 3.0 on the TouchPad. None of your apps were specifically mentioned in the e-mail, but coinciding with that e-mail 6 out of 8 of your submissions were rejected by the review team.

    What was different about the 2 apps that were accepted versus the 6 that were not. Was it 2 Enyo apps versus 6 Mojo apps? Did any of the apps that were failed fall into any of the scenarios that HP outlined in it's boiler plate warning?

    I'm feeling like you're not giving anyone enough specific information to either enable them to help you OR to be able to empathize with your situation. If you're just wanting to vent. Then say "I just want to vent" and we'll all vent with you and feel better. However, I think a lot of people here value each and every developer and want more than anything to help you find solutions if we can, while at the same time trying to maintain a positive outlook.
    Look you HP Apologists get off my man abe...he just said the email did not say which apps were rejected, the email did not give "anyone enough specific information to enable" the developer to correct the problem...what abe is trying to say is not that he can't fix the problems, it's that the email doesn't provide any information to fix the problems...i develop for other platforms ios & android, and an app rejection without the name of the app is unnaceptable
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    yeah, thats kind of crazy to not even know what u got rejected..... HP must be swampped right now .... still its like they are cutting the wrong corners -=\
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    If HP is still allowing mojo apps they need to give clear instructions of what is acceptable and why an app was rejected. To do otherwise leads to confusion and potentially wasted time for developers. That is not a good scenario for developers and downstream to the users.

    It sounds to me like someone at HP dropped the ball here. And why perhaps understandable given what is on their plate and limited resources, HP needs to acknowledge the error and fix it.
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