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    About 2 days ago, I started having problems accessing the App Catalog. I couldn't view the apps by latest date of update. From my Palm Pre 2 (on Bell Canada), I would get the "Processing..." circle animation but the app would get stuck there. Control won't come back to the user and I'd have to restart it.

    Anyone else having this issue? Who should I report it to?

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    I can get into the app catalog fine, but when I try to select the last option (sort by date I think) I run into the same problem. Also, an app has an update (beta catalog) but it won't let me update, it'll do the same thing, have the little circle and I'll just have to close the card.

    I just noticed this to happen yesterday, so I'm not exactly sure how long it has been going on for.
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    I've got the same problem. And it started about two days ago.

    Everything else works just fine, apart form most recent apps, which is the one I actually check out...
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    Same here. And when everytime the phone reboot, it notify me App Catalog has an update. Although the install completed but the app never got update and problem keep occurring.
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    Thanks for the feedback, guys. I'll assume this is a bug and will go to HP for support. I'll keep you all updated.
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    The issue seems to be fixed now...
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    Quote Originally Posted by djgardn2 View Post
    The issue seems to be fixed now...
    Yep, here too.
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    Didn't know it has been fixed automatically. But I fixed the problem by downloading App Catalog via Impostah.
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    I am still having issues with the app catalog - every time I try to purchase an app (latest is Teal Paint and Draw) I get an error - purchase failed - a required field does not exist or is empty. Using a Pre2 on Rogers in Canada.

    Is there a field that the developer was supposed to change recently?

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