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    Whether Netflix is possibly moving away from DVD's is an important question. The articles seem to paint a picture of Netflix's willingness to move away from Disc Media types like DVD's and Blu-rays. But if this were to become the case, it would still take Netflix a while to complete the process of replacing all of their Disc Media, with Streaming Media.

    So I think for now it wouldn't hurt to keep up with the phone calls to Netflix. Calls where you tell Netflix that your not happy with this new change. Calls where you tell Netflix to please forward your complaint to the upper management of the company. We shouldn't give up just yet. Who knows, Maybe if enough people call and make a complaint, then maybe Netflix will reconsider their decision. For now though, we are going to be losing a very important Netflix app function. Which sucks, because it is so much easier to modify my Disc Queue using an app on my phone, then it is to modify the list using a web browser. But we all have no other choice for now. Lets just hope that we get the feature back soon.

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    Netflix removed all of the DVD queue management features from the API and the apps because they did not want to run the risk of a law suit with Apple over Apple's ridiculous restrictions on how they collect revenue for subscription based services offered via apps in the app store.

    If a company makes money off a subscription that is related to the functionality in the app on the app store, Apple says they should get a portion of that subscription revenue even though they had nothing to do with creating it. Netflix does not want to GIVE Apple any portion of the DVD subscription revenue they make from their subscribers. Even though they are likely GIVING some of their streaming subscription revenue to Apple just so they can stream on the app. Of course, this is the smaller revenue stream so it doesn't hurt as much as the DVD subscriptions would.

    Apple's idea of stealing other company's revenue simply because they place an app on the app store is crazy! Ultimately it's this kind of stuff that will help Andriod become the dominant player in the market.
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