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    i am a newby who has never had a smartphone. i have a pre plus ATT version. bought unlocked off of ebay. i put it on the walmart family plan. everything seems to work other than the APP catalog. it says "the action could not be completed. try again later". it has a yellow triangle w/ exclamation point. software is v.1.4.2 any help is appreciated.

    i did much research, considered an andriod, and it then came down to the black berry curve or pre. you guys where the deciding factor and i have been really pleased since getting it on monday. seems easy to use. i am really greatful for the forum cause i think that it will help me understand smartphones.
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    Do you mean you are on webos 1.4.2?
    if so you should go to the system upates app and check, you should be able to upgrade to webos 1.4.5
    Do that and you should be able to use it

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