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    I'm now waiting on my new GSM Pre 2 to arrive...

    From switching from an iPhone, I used and Skype a lot.

    Is there any way to do this on webOS?

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    The verizon Pre2 has built in skype, obviously you cannot use it to make video calls as the phone only has one camera, but you can use skype credits to call. You can also message other skype users as the pre2 can sync your Skype account into the Synergy service.
    As far as, I do not believe there is an application for webos, but since HP has said it has a large amount of apps coming out, you can imagine that may be a possibility. There are other radio programs, grooveshark, pandora, difm, slacker that you can use.
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    You're out of luck with Skype ATM, as pow12390 stated it is Verizon only. However all incarnations of the Pre 3 seem to come with Skype integrated, so hopefully the next Web OS update for your device will take care of that.
    As for no dedicated app. There has been a homebrew called lostFM, but IIRC it's discontinued and I cannot vouch for functionality. Almost every audioplayer on WebOS however supports scrobbling, if that's your primary use.
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    I'm in the UK with a GSM Pre 2 so I don't have Verizon or any CDMA networks.
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    The Touchpad will be out soon, and with it many new apps. In addition to this, the Pre 3 will be out a few weeks after that, so we SHOULD be seeing a flood of new apps that have been in the works and waiting for the new hardware.

    Now, there is the expectation right now that the Pre 2, Veer, and Pre 3 will see an upgrade to WebOS 3 in the next few months as well, so things SHOULD be getting better "soon".
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    I guess nobody uses Music Player Remix 2.0 or homebrew or whatever the new version is. I suppose it's not exactly an app, per se.....( that is), but when you use MPR, you can set it up to link in with your account for scrobbling, if that's what you were after.

    -- I've also just gone to the website on my phone, athough something I'd prefer more on my PC, and it seems to display everything as per normal. I do not subscribe to the service, listen (or broadcast) radio, so I wouldn't know about that.
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    Im using KOTO player for scrobbling. I dont know if there is an app for listening aka " radio"...
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    Quote Originally Posted by tr47 View Post
    Im using KOTO player for scrobbling. I dont know if there is an app for listening aka " radio"...
    There is for any webOS version under 2.x. It's called lostFM. Not in Preware. Search it.
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    I have the lost.FM app and it does work on 2.1 but not 100% occasionally it wont decode songs. This is the thread for it on here - and the download is on there, I then copied it to my USB drive and installed it using Preware as the WOSQI install didn't work.

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