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    Hi !

    Let me introduce you Precentral News HD

    Precentral News HD is not based on Precentral mobile version like Precentral News for Smartphones. This new version is now using Feedburner RSS feeds to display titles and precentral articles (not Precentral mobile version). Users will be also able to browse twitter while reading precentral article or precentral forums.

    All the content is displayed inside Sliding panels.

    The app loads in 2 seconds on the emulator, renders content very fast.

    Marc Aurélien from ScienceApps
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    woo hoo, thank u sir~!
    Want to help design and write an app?
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    How about MAL?
    "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it".
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    MAL (multiple App Launcher) in a few month. I want to have time to learn Enyo in details before created an HD version for MAL.

    Glad you like MAL !
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    Looking forward to this app! Thanks!
    I see pandas.
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    Are you sure you can't post screenshots? i read on Twitter that is was cool to post if they were the official screenshots that will be in the catalog... I'll try and go find it.


    @matsomline screenshots also published in the catalog as part of an App are ok /cc @webosdev
    Tweeted by twtomcat and later retweeted by @webosdev. I guess I could be misinterpreting.
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    Precentral News is available in the TouchPad app catalog ! This way for screenshots !
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    Nice. Very fast. Carbon is out of beta. Can you support the real item?
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    yes, as soon as carbon provides cross launch api
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    14,999 more to go. Seriously, I really like reading about new apps!
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    Precentral News HD demo video at HP launch party in Paris : Uploaded with @LithiuMessenger on Twitpic

    (it's a video)
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    i tried it and it fits in very well.

    But while reading the TP review with it, every second try to browse did resulted in opening the webpage which was rather anoying. I'd like an option for double tab to open, like NewsG has it on the pre.

    other than that, nice work! like the twitter bar in it
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    I like the design but the panels are behaving oddly. I selected forums and by the time i got to it it was the 5th panel and only was partially visible. Ideally it would be threads and posts.
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    the panel where you read forjm contents is sort of cutoff so you cant see the entire webpage. Bug?
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    I was scrolling through the review of an app and when I scroll over images the browser keeps trying to open. Just fyi
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    also noticed that the stories if updated the links on the left will take you to a newer story but the text won't change. Sorry if these have been stated before I didnt take the time to observe proper forum etiquette (I'm sure you can forgive an eager new touchpad owner of this slip)
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    I'll push an update to solve these issues.. It will be easier with a touchpad in hands !
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    agreed, can't see the whole forum post. You have to slide the content to the left as a workaround. Probably not taking into amount all of the tabs. Would be nice to make the font in the forum smaller. I can zoom out briefly, but if doesn't stay that way.

    would also like to toggle each of the tabs as desired, maybe where the buttons are at the top, make them checkboxes instead?

    anyway, nice app!
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