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    Hi Lads,

    sorry if there has already been a topic about this very issue, but I did a search and I did not find any recent ones.
    I consider dumping my iPhone4 for the Pre3 and I know there is hardly anything I will miss when leaving the iOS family.
    However, I do use the iBlacklist app a lot, which allows you to create Back- and Whitelists and block certain numbers and so on. A lot of you will know the app. Is there anything similar in functionality and accessibility for webOS?


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    Hey akon was also looking for same app, but he was lot more angry
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    Blocking numbers is amazing on webOS. Download preware and then download metaview's advanced patch and you can have a number blocked. You get options like go to voice mail direct or just hangup w no voicemail. It is sweet!
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    Thanks for the immediate replies!
    That sounds great indeed! The more I get to know about this community here, the more I like it! Now the only thing missing is a brand new Pre3 in my hands ...

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