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    Now that Twitter has purchased Tweetdeck coupled with their recent development of WebDeck, should we have a bigger chance of seeing the app brought to WebOS?

    When Twitter purchased Tweetie for iPhone they expreessed an aim to get official Twitter clients onto all major platforms.

    People are looking for an app from Twitter, and they're not finding one. So, they get confused and give up. It's important that we optimize for user benefit and create an awesome experience.

    As we work to provide the best possible Twitter experience on all of the major mobile platforms, momentum will increase dramatically.
    Twitter Blog: Twitter for iPhone

    Tweetdeck is perfectly suited to tablets with it's columns and now that it is owned by Twitter I'd love to see it brought to the Touchpad.

    They have recently released a version that runs inside Google Chrome and are beta testing a web app accesible from any browser, so the technology is there and theoretically it shiuld take little work to bring it to WebOS.
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    email them!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ijip View Post
    email them!
    I would do if I could find an address to write to, cant seem to find anything on their site - am I just being thick?
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    I think you're going to like Spaz for TouchPad if you like TweetDeck. From what I can tell.
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    The spaz hd might end up being similar to tweet deck.
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    OP for your info, Twitter bought Tweetdeck. Twitter is doing everything they can to lessen the impact of third party apps so you won't be seeing a Tweetdeck app. However, there should be a few good third party twitter clients on the TP.
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    Interesting thread! Basically, tweetdeck is a twitter desktop application developed on the Adobe Air interface. Its primarily advantage is the notifications you received when your followers tweeted you, and when the people you follow tweeted. You can also make a tweet straight from the desktop, and Tweetdecks allow for multiple Twitter accounts to be used at once. Moreover, the application is not only true to touchpad but on iphones as well. There are motley iphone applications that can be used to other devices! <staff edit>
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    You don't need TweetDeck, you need Adobe AIR. AIR applications are platform-agnostic (in theory). If you have AIR, then you can just use the existing Tweetdeck app as it stands.

    Odds that Adobe would port AIR to the TouchPad would be right up there with HP starting to sell the TouchPad at regular retail again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by knightnz View Post
    Odds that Adobe would port AIR to the TouchPad would be right up there with HP starting to sell the TouchPad at regular retail again.
    Odds are even less than that. Adobe only ports and updates its applications on thriving platforms where it can maximize value. Android's already on Flash 11, and the Touchpad remains on 10.3; that right there should give you an expectation of how much support Adobe intends to give the webOS platform going forward, much less a port of AIR.
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    +1 for spaz hd. It is a great twitter client for TouchPad.
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    +1 for spaz hd. It is a great twitter client for TouchPad.
    another +1 for spaz hd

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    Old thread, but I agree that spaz is pretty cool. Although the WebOS browser is my favorite mobile browser and end up using the web version anyways.
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    Looking forward to Graphite myself.
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    I'm not fan of Tweetdeck or Spaz, but for the time being, Spaz is the best Twitter-client on TP IMHO
    Looking forward to Graphite as that seems perfect to me
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    Isn't Incredible just as good as Tweet Deck?

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    I've tried a few that are available in the Catalog:
    Spaz HD

    and a couple of online sites:

    and my favorite is SpazHD, by far. I think the columns won me over.
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    Spaz is decent, but it's similarity to Tweetdeck makes me long for all the missing things that TweetDeck has. The Chrome plug-in version of Tweetdeck is fantastic.

    phnx for phones seems really good at first glance, and then i get into it and i have trouble doing things that i want to do with it ...

    a touchpad ver of phnx might be really interesting.
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    I actually like tweetpad
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    TweetPad as so much promise. The basics work really well and it's smooth and fast unlike any SpazHD

    One to watch! Well, aty least until Carbonite comes out
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    When Graphite is finally released it should be amazing. I absolutely love Carbon and I would put it up there against any iOS or Android twitter app.
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