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    Once Windows 8 comes out, who is going to run webOS on the PC except for hardcore webOS fan? To most people, this will be another bloatware on HP computer. They already too put many craps, I usually format the HD and reinstall windows, it makes PC run so much smoother.
    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    Pre-installing stuff on a PC that the customer never asked for - a tried and true business model.
    What does "bloatware" have to do with offering an overarching framework like Enyo that allows apps to be run on Windows - yes, even Windows 8 - as well as on webOS?
    This thread isn't about a webOS emulation window, it's about making Enyo cross-platform, letting Enyo apps run directly in Windows and thereby giving developers the possibility of coding an app once and reaching PCs as well as mobile devices with it.

    You guys aren't even building proper strawmen anymore, you're just pointing at a field of slowly ripening wheat and yelling "hey, look at that guy!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by GodShapedHole View Post
    HP has been fairly confident that there will be a deluge of webOS apps coming, and after some consideration, I think I have an idea as to why that may be.

    The short answer is Enyo.

    The long answer is based on hints we've been hearing about Enyo on other platforms, and webOS integration into Windows. People in the know, even on this forum, have been letting slip snippets about how webOS on PCs will be more than a webOS emulation window to run your apps in, but couldn't say more because they're under NDA. Others have been singing praises of how powerful Enyo is, but couldn't say more because they're under NDA.

    I have come to believe that part of how webOS will come to be integrated will be the ability to run Enyo apps natively under Windows, giving developers an interesting and powerful tool to develop Windows apps that will also run on any webOS device (rah rah yes, your old Sprint Pre- will be left out, go complain to Steve Jobs that your iMac G2 won't run the Mac App Store).

    This would attract more developers to Enyo because there'd be a huge market of PCs to be conquered - they wouldn't be writing apps for tiny fledgling webOS but for Enyo, which would run on the most widespread computing platform in the known universe (and, incidentally, also on webOS) - and create a further incentive for consumers to buy HP PCs or install the webOS framework on your PC as you'd have access to an app store containing apps that will run on your PC and your tablet and phone as well, if your tablet and phone are made by HP.
    That's a real, vertically integrated, end-to-end ecosystem... Just what people have been saying webOS is lacking.

    Developers would suddenly have a de-facto Windows app store to cater to, which would likely spawn a whole bunch of programs in pretty short time (how many iOS devices are out there? How many Windows PCs?), and thanks to the screensize/resolution-agnostic nature of Enyo, most if not all of these apps would run on TouchPads, Stingray slabs, Pre3s and Veers as well.

    Developers would have ONE framework to rule them all, to develop for PCs -and- mobile devices in.
    Users would have one overarching platform to use all of their apps in. They could use their favorite app on every device they own - and it would actually really be the same app, with the same features and controls they're already used to.
    HP would have a unique selling point in the mobile space and, if the Enyo framework could be installed on generic PCs and those made by other manufacturers as opposed to HP PCs only, they could even make money off those machines from App Catalog (webOS Pivot?) sales.
    It would be a win-win for absolutely everyone involved.

    If I'm right, this will give the ultimate credence to Mark Hurd when he said that HP didn't buy Palm to become a smartphone company, as if anyone could ever think that HP with its tentacles in all areas of computing would seriously abandon all of their other markets to concentrate on ONE part of the greater computing market all of a sudden.
    They bought Palm in order to use webOS as the unifying company differentiator AND a way to cash in with Windows boxes after they sold them (and even other manufacturer's Windows boxes) by giving users a unique vertically integrated system of a sort no-one else is offering. WebOS - synergizes like nothing else.

    Not convinced? <comment> away!

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    Holy cow.. I think I just figured out how webOS on pc's will work. All based on your post

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