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    Quote Originally Posted by ijip View Post
    whats pulse?
    It is a very cool "mosaic like" news reader.

    Pulse News for Android |

    I had it on my Android tablet and I completely love it. Wow you brought back some old memories. Seemed like just last month I was reading all my tech news through Pulse....ah memories! This would be great for webOS!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doz007 View Post
    I've clicked the +1 button. Loved Pulse on the iPad.
    +1 done for me. Looks like it's only up to 20 though.
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    I went to the pulse website and posted a request for a webos app on their supprot forum. I got a reply within a day saying that they are "working on it". I hope that means they will have something out soon, but just knowing that they are working on it is good news.
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    I wish Newsroom would update their app for the touchpad. It looks awkward in small-screen mode.
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    I would love to have Pulse.
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