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    Imperial Penguin's first WebOS game will be arriving in the App Catalog for $2.99 soon. This thread will be updated when it does, or you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook via the links in the signature to be notified when it is available.

    From the App Catalog description:
    Take the controls of a ship specially designed to fly dangerous missions through enemy tunnels in this exciting game. You will start off as an ensign, and if you play well, finish as an admiral. But don't expect to make that rank on the first try. You'll have to be the best of the best to achieve that goal.
    The missions you fly depend on how fast you gain rank. So each time you play the 20 mission career the challenge increases, assuming your skills improve. Will you have to dodge an endless barrage of obstacles? Mine for minerals to support the war effort? Bust up mines to insure safe passage for others through the tunnel? Only your commanding officer knows. And the only way to find out is to play the game. But remember, if you haven't beaten the game as an admiral, you haven't beaten the game.


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    Cool! Looking forward to trying it.
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    cool, is this for touchpad or veer/ pre3?
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    Thanks guys. All WebOS phones are supported, and while it would theoretically run on the Touchpad, I didn't add that as a supported platform for the Catalog. The controls of the app require you to steer around the pipes with the accelerometer while touching the screen to pick up the crystals or blow up the mines. I think it would be difficult to reach all of the areas on the big tablet screen with your thumbs while steering. Especially for the stage with mines because those tend to be more toward the center of the screen.

    There are several games in the pipeline with less demanding controls that will make their way to the Touchpad though.

    Users of Pre phones will have an ever so slight edge over Pixi and Veer users though, as the smaller resolution of those phones cuts off some of the screen. This means that the crystals and mines are going to disappear from the screen faster. You can see what I mean by comparing the screenshot at Pixi resolution below with the one at Pre resolution above. It's only a slight advantage though, because at the speed the ship moves by the time they've gotten that close to the edge of the screen you've probably missed them anyhow.

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    So far it looks cool! Will you be doing any beta testing?

    What versions of WebOS will you support? (1.4.5 or 2.x only?)

    Look forward to seeing it!

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    There are no plans for open beta testing for this game. Although as the games in queue to be made get more complex, in-house testing might not be enough and there will probably be some beta period for those.

    The game will run on 1.4.5 and above, so nobody should have a problem getting it to run.
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    A TP version would be cool, going to buy a TP next month. Is this a PDK or hybrid game?
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    Sorry kkhanmd, I didn't see your question until now. It is a PDK app.

    Also, the app is still in review by Palm. They seem to be taking a while on this one. I will be changing the price to $1.99 as soon as I am informed that it is released. They won't let me do it while it is still in review, but I wanted to give you guys a heads up so you didn't spend the extra dollar only to have the price lowered shortly thereafter. Hopefully I'll catch it shortly after its approval.

    $1.99 has proven to be the more profitable price point on iOS and I'm assuming the same will apply to WebOS.
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    Well, it took way longer than I expected but Subterran was approved today. You can find it, already at its new price of $1.99 at

    I have to warn you, early reviews are that the game is really hard even on the first level. Everyone here managed to beat the first level in a couple of tries so I really don't know the relative skill levels of our testers and the customers that are having a hard time.

    Our next project for the WebOS will be a board game. Not exactly the most glamorous genre, but we hope it will be fun and unique.
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