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    Does anyone have any comments as to the pros and cons of each? I would like to use for tracking purposes and GPX file upload to Primary use is biking.

    I have played a bit with each and they all seem somewhat comparable. The biggest issue is that MAX speed seems to be way off but this probably has more to do with the Palm GPS then the app.

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    I've been using jogstats for over a year and it has been the most accurate.

    Jogstats - Easy to read while running using an arm band, uses laps and can split each mile into laps, mile audible indicator.

    Smartrunner - Hard to read with blue background and white text, no lap feature, audible speed/distance features that you can customize, great website upload feature without messing with exporting gpx files.

    A year ago I started them both up and ran a few miles. Smartrunner said 3 miles when jogstats said 2.85. Jumped in the car and started them both again. Jogstats was correct in two different vehicles. This morning I tried using both again and the same problem with jogstats saying 4.82 miles and smartrunner saying 5.0 miles. I have ran this route before and also checked with a car and it is just under 5 miles.

    If smartrunner was accurate then it would be great.

    Sprint Pre
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    jogstats works flawlessly,
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    Polar s625x/footpod, Jogstat and FTW. My only gripe with Jogstat is how it obtains the gpx file.
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    I tried fittrack and while it could plot out the course fine on google maps, it was always wrong on the distance. Usually reporting about 50-60% of the distance actually traveled.
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    has anyone gotten either of these to function on a vzw pre2?
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    I don't really like SmartRunner - I do like Jogstats. FitTrack isn't bad but, like someone else says, I think it suffers accuracy issues.

    g_schrage52 mentioned using an armband - what armband do you guys use and do you like it? Mostly I just hold mine, which gets annoying pretty quickly.

    Do you also play tunes out of it at the same time? What sort of battery life do you get doing that?

    larryflynt2k, is there an automated way to integrate JogStats and RunningAhead or do you do it manually? And what do you mean when you say you don't like how JogStats "obtains the gpx file"? I have use RunningAhead for years now and it is simply awesome. I haven't really messed with the gpx importing option before. And mostly I use Jogstats at the moment to track my mileage and keep an eye on my pace. But now I am thinking maybe I will try importing the gpx files. Any tips?

    Also, there is now an Android app that integrates automatically with . I wonder how hard it would be to get Jogstats to integrate? I have emailed eric at RunningAhead several times before and he has always been very receptive to ideas.
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    Tried all three a year or so ago, settled on Jogstats. My only beef is that you can't permanently set the lap distance, have to enter is every time as it defaults to a wierd number.
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    Smartrunner is the only one I've tried. My main complaint is that it will give you time and distance covered, but doesn't compute your pace. Seems like a basic function for an app like this. I do like how you can choose different activites (running, hiking, biking etc) and the graphs show speed and altitude.

    The only other problem is that I have a Pre+ on VZW so the GPS function only works if you can get it to lock in a signal. One time I apparently ran out to the middle of Long Island Sound at 118 mph - my feet stayed dry, but boy was I tired!
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    Quote Originally Posted by aharmsworth View Post
    Tried all three a year or so ago, settled on Jogstats. My only beef is that you can't permanently set the lap distance, have to enter is every time as it defaults to a wierd number.
    The author promised me he would fix it a couple of times, but have not seen the fix yet. Otherwise, flawless.

    UPDATE the author just emailed me to say an update that fixes this is coming out shortly.
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