For anyone that might want a comic reader on the TouchPad, I just emailed comixology (they provide DC, The Walking Dead, a few other big ones) to Android, and Marvel on iOS. They also have a web app. I emailed them to ask about adding a mode that would allow the web based app to display one page at a time in portrait that could be viewed on the TouchPad (which I plan to buy) and other tablets like the ExoPC (which I own) more easily. I got this response:
"...Within the next few months, we expect to have several improvements to the App that we hope you’ll like!"

Hopefully this means that they are planning to implement this idea (which seems easy to do, and would allow for availability across platforms). I also mentioned the possibility of a TouchPad app, but this was ignored, as I suspected.

For those that might not know, but might be interested, DC is rebooting everything starting in September. Literally every DC series will be starting at #1 (this includes Batman, Detective Comics, Green Lantern, Superman - absolutely everyone is starting from scratch), and will have same day launches in digital format (and they have stated they will be going through comiXology for this).