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    Sooloos application for the HP webOS TouchPad unveiled at Cannes 2011

    Meridian Audio, HP TouchPad
    Designed for the new HP TouchPad tablet device and unveiled at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, Meridian Audio has created a HP webOS application allowing users to enjoy their favourite songs on the move.

    The Sooloos application is an instant-access music service, based on Meridianís award-winning software and digital media system, that allows users to import all their music from various sources to a HP TouchPad, and access it all in one place.

    What Is Sooloos Meridian ?

    It's all the things you value about music, instantly accessed via the world's most advanced user interface and a rich, visual, touchpanel experience.
    It stores your music library in pristine lossless digital quality, with effortless backup protection for your treasured collection.

    It plays your music anywhere you need it, with immediate access and instant enjoyment of your favourite songs, in one room or many, for a single listener or the whole family.

    It seamlessly integrates full-quality home listening and personal players for when you're away.

    It's a complete system, built of the finest components, offering a unique experience dedicated to the continual enjoyment of music.

    It is power and performance, simplicity and elegance. It is enjoying and rediscovering daily, all the things you value about music.

    Quite simply, it's the world's most advanced digital media system.

    Source: The Latest Digital, Harrods, Heesen & Starwood Hotels

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    Suggest to watch the video. It is a dream full package application, indeed.
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    cool, also expensive
    might be cheaper ways to do this:
    Sooloos: Home Media System | The Big Picture
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    I don't think that was the touchpad interface in that video. At least, there was nothing saying so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beanis View Post
    I don't think that was the touchpad interface in that video. At least, there was nothing saying so.
    Yes the video is just a sample of the services it will bring to devices. The news is just about it was unveiled at Cannes 2011
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    I've been excited about this app since I first heard about it (Rhapsody user). I've now had the Tpad for a week and it's still no where to be found. It is featured in Pivot and has N/A where the download button should be. I've tried google to no avail, has anyone heard anything about price or availability?

    Here's another post on the features and some links:
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    I've also been wondering abt this, I even tweeted to hp and no answer. Why would they blatantly advertise it and its not ready? I even searched the euro app catalogs to no avail.... Anyone have a clue?
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    I'm also looking forward to this app.

    Back in May the official announcement stated that it will be available in June (see

    On the second page you can also see a screenshot of the app runnin' under webOS.
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    you can find a screenshot of the actual webOS app on the second page of the May announcement by Meridian:
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    This looks like P|C front page material to me
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    Look`s like a programmer from Sooloos is active on the HP/Palm Dev forums. So i suggest the app is `coming soon'
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