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    Just an observation, if I delete a tweet from Twitter web browser or another client for that matter, it still shows up in the timeline of Phnx like it was never deleted..
    I can confirm that too.
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    Something else I'm considering a bug. If we have refresh after tweet enabled in preferences and are slowly working our way up through our new tweets and go to respond to one of them, it'll then jump you all the way to the top where your new refreshed tweet is, losing your place you were working your way up with. I'd like to remain where I'm at on my timeline when replying to a tweet even though it refreshes in the background.
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    I second that. Just haven't had time to post it.
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    Looks like this thread has been fairly quiet, but maybe somebody will have an idea - Every time I go to card view and phnx dims, when I return to the app it won't undim and be active. It's like the app goes to sleep and won't wake back up. It'll update tweets in the background, but I can't scroll or select anything. It's showing this error in lumberjack:
    [2011-11-18 13:41:04] (phnx) Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'is_rt' of undefined, file:///media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/$417$

    So, any thoughts? It just started doing this recently and I'm not sure why...

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