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    Executive Scorecard (Enterprise dashboard) showed off on TouchPad.

    Today at the HP Discover 2011 live Monday opening session with HP Ceo Leo Apotheker several HP divisions executives are showing off some of the advantages of the software related to each division.

    Leo just showed HP security dashboard running on the TouchPad.

    The software give you information technology that managers can use to get a dashboard-like view of their enterprise operations.

    The new software combines 50 different key performance indicators (KPIs) that show chief information officers the state of their enterprise in terms of how computing power is being used. The effort is aimed at making it much easier for chief executives and chief information officers to get a real-time snapshot of the enterprise and make decisions more easily.

    Marge Breya, general manager of HP Software, said that HP makes software that measures about 150 different KPIs that can be used to gauge the health of an enterprise. This first batch of 50 will bundle together four different software packages into a single suite. That software will be used to “operationalize, measure, and improve IT performance.”

    “The problem is that a lot of companies spend 70 percent of their time on operations and just 30 percent on innovation,” Breya said. “We can turn that around with this kind of real-time information.”

    The effort has been underway for about a year. But the program accelerated under Leo Apotheker, the new chief executive of HP who previously ran software giant SAP. Breya herself came over from SAP about six months ago.

    Under Apotheker’s strategic plan announced a couple of months ago, HP is putting more emphasis on software and creating all of the building blocks necessary to run connected enterprises. HP’s software business is just 3 percent of sales. But it’s a $3.5 billion business, enough to rank HP as the sixth largest software company.

    The goal of the HP IT Performance Suite is to give a comprehensive view of the enterprise, enabling what HP calls an “instant-on enterprise” that embeds technology in everything it does to serve customers, employees, partners and others with everything they need.

    The suite includes the new HP IT Executive Scorecard, aimed at managing and improving the development of applications, infrastructure, operations management, security, information management and financial planning and administration.

    The software lets executives do financial planning, analysis, project and portfolio management, and asset management. It can measure data in real time such as how much availability or reliability a data center has. Or it can measure how much energy is being consumed or how much payback a company is getting on capital expenses. Rivals include IBM.

    Source: HP Discover 2011 Live and HP offers an enterprise dashboard for CIOs | VentureBeat
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    Just what my manager needs...
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobsentell View Post
    Just what my manager needs...
    Good to know. I think it is a powerful enterprise app.
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    Interesting and glad to see some heavy system task apps making it out for the presentation. Not too familiar with Executive Scorecard, but it does look impressive. Sorli...
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    What is scorecard ?

    Balanced Scorecard, Executive Dashboard and
    Managing Key Performance Metrics (KPI’s)

    Balanced Scorecard Institute

    In order for present day businesses to be successful efficient internal processes, good customer relations, long-term strategic investments in employees and technologies are needed. “In 1992, Robert S. Kaplan and David Norton introduced the Balanced Scorecard, a method intended to give managers a fast, comprehensive view of the performance of a business.”

    1 The Balanced Scorecard is made up of four key elements.
    2 These elements are defined as:

    Financial indicators will vary from organization to organization but they are based on the expectancy of the organization’s strategic objective.

    Examples: Revenue, Growth, Reductions, Margins, Profitability, Cash Flow, ROI, Forecasts

    Identifies Customers, Markets, Value Proposition and Satisfaction

    Examples: Market Share, Retention, New Customers, Satisfaction Indexes, Customers Profitability, Product/Service Attributes

    Internal Perspectives is the critical processes necessary for delivery of superior performance in achieving financial measures.

    Examples: Project Performance, Reflections/Reworks, Cycle Times, Success Rates

    Identity and Resources of the Organizational Framework

    Examples: Staff Performance, Employee Satisfaction, Training

    With the introduction of the balanced scorecard, dashboard software began emerging in the mid 1990’s as a tool for displaying, trending, analyzing and executing actions to improve performance using the balanced scorecard concepts.

    Every company no matter how big or small needs a dashboard to give them a source of direction, a gauge, that lets employees, customers, and even stockholders know where it’s headed. The dashboard is steered by the company’s mission statements, visions, strategic directions, and initiatives.

    The framework for the dashboard is built when metrics and specific strategic goals are defined for these four areas. Once business processes have defined metrics they become the key performance indicators (KPI’s) for measuring the organization’s progress on the dashboard’s display. Strategies and Initiatives are then linked to KPI’s and information from data sources is fed into the appropriate indicators for review by management.

    Other considerations will come into play once information is collected. Is the information correct and relevant to the metrics defined?

    How often will information be collected and updated? Is the information timely, allowing you to react and make accurate decisions? These are all factors that will need to be reviewed so that you may fine tune your indicators to give you the most up-to-date information to run a business successfully. If done correctly, the dashboard becomes a tool for managers to identify successful and non-successful trends and gaps in resources and processes.

    Once data is correctly identified and displayed, individuals must be assigned to manage key indicators so that action can quickly take place where necessary. The goal is to make sure that individuals are not overloaded with information but that it is delivered in timely successions to ensure that they are meeting their objectives. These processes can be accomplished through email alerts, reporting mechanisms or set permission levels to view dashboard criteria.

    It is important to make sure that strategy, goals, metrics and data collections are defined accurately or you could be measuring areas of your business that are unnecessary or not appropriate to what you are trying to accomplish. The goal
    of utilizing dashboards for display and analysis of KPI’s is to show the health of each area of your business, improve efficiency and gain new insight into business processes that contribute to the success or failure of the organization.

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    oooohhhh.... Im loving the integration with HP enterprise servers. We run all HP systems and with us moving most systems to a colocation facility, apps like this could be vary useful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LinT View Post
    oooohhhh.... Im loving the integration with HP enterprise servers. We run all HP systems and with us moving most systems to a colocation facility, apps like this could be vary useful.
    It is an all in one executive dashboard app that is very useful, indeed
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    Quote Originally Posted by akitayo View Post
    It is an all in one executive dashboard app that is very useful, indeed
    and i'm excited to see what other enterprise apps they are working on! This has way more potential to be a business use tablet than i thought!
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    Now they need to show off Games....and please no more of that fighter Jet one....there has to be some other NEW games from EA or whatnot.
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    Putz... my manager would like this... serious...

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    How much computing has done localy on TP, and how much is on remote server?
    Regarding game demo, forget EA, I want to see Unreal engine tech demo.

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