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    I'd like to open certain apps all at once, like when I restart the phone after swapping a battery. Or is there a way to lock some apps, so that they are always open?

    I usually use calendar, messaging, phone apps, and would love to keep them loaded in a set position.
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    Use Modeswitcher to autolaunch your favorite apps. I also think there is a patch that let's you launch multiple apps, but I don't have my phone to see if I can find it in Preware...
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    Search "MAL" in app catalog. It stands for Multiple App Launcher. It is $0.99 and works great. Lets you set up different groups of apps to launch and lets you add group icon to launcher. It doesn't auto launch at startup but in 1 click you open up your group of apps. It doesn't stack them (I wish) but that may not bother you.

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    Similar request around locking apps. I'd love to let my students use my TP for some apps (flash cards, etc) but do not want them to be able to exit the app. Is this possible?

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