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    Everybody loves a good game of Worms once and a while. But the later levels of the challenges can be well, challenging. Share your tips and tricks that you may have used to complete the last leg, even if it feels like cheating

    - Closing the game by swiping up before the turn ends will let you redo the last turn by resuming it in the game menu. This can come in handy when you are down to the very last worms and they just cheat with trick shots.

    - Zooming in and panning around while the computer is thinking can alter how they react, sometimes even forcing them to commit suicide. Using this trick can make a difference if you are stuck, but it may feel like cheating. And this can also take a lot of turn restarts to get the results you want.

    - If you are having trouble and just cant seem to beat the odds, try draging out the game clock till it ticks to down to 0. You and the rest of the worms will enter sudden death mode, leaving you and the others worms with 1hp and the water will rise every turn. Take to the high ground and use girders to defend yourself and the computer just may end up drowning themselves

    - If fired at a shallow angle, bazookas will skip off the water. Not sure how this is useful but hey, it's neat... I guess...

    Post some of your own and help other finish the challenges!

    (Stuck on level 50 I'm soooo close...)
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