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    I recently downloaded Mundu Im for my Pixi Plus (Verizon) and today for the first time I set up my MSN messenger account; my husband saw me logged in, and messaged me. However none of the messages I am typing are actually sending. Is this a setting? I've searched the web and can't seem to find anything! (Of course; this head cold has me in a fog!)

    I'd really appreciate any help!
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    No setting would do that. You might trying IMing him first.

    WebOS has had aweful IM apps. IM+ Mundu etc

    I can't test it because non of my friends are online.

    Did you write a review for the app? (If not someone else has your problem too)

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    Your best of with the messaging plugins/patches. I have agile messenger, and while the chat services do work, the app itself is horrible to use. buggy, and not optimised at all. And it is very expensive.

    You should email the devs of the app and see what excuse they give
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    Thanks so much everyone for your thoughts.

    I've emailed the developers - as it looks like (from the reviews) I'm far from the only person with this problem.

    I can use Yahoo and AIM perfectly; but MSN won't send my messages. I can receive them; I can type them and make it look like they sent. But no one receives them.

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