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    I was wondering how the geo restrictions worked.
    I am on a Polish network - so we only have access to some (not all) free apps. No paid apps at all. I use an unlocked US device (ex-AT&T).
    Now, let's say I'd like to download a free app that is available in UK. What should I do?

    1. Log into UK network (which means going to the UK) with my Polish SIM card?
    2. Get a SIM Card from a UK network (and use it in roaming in PL)?
    3. Both - get a UK SIM and use it on a UK network, connect to the App Catalog while in the UK?

    Now, if I wanted to BUY an app from the UK catalogue, do I also need additionally:
    1. Billing address in the UK?
    2. Credit card issued by a UK bank (the card number somehow identifies the issuing country)?
    3. Both?

    I understand that if I get an app onto my Pre, I will be able to use it regardless of geo restrictions (this is how dummy maker works). Is this also tru for paid apps?

    Oh, the reason why I'm asking this is that I'm wondering if I could make good use of business travel to UK or Germany and get some neat applications for my Pre Plus.
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    I heard, webOS 3.0 will come with no geo restrictions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kkhanmd View Post
    I heard, webOS 3.0 will come with no geo restrictions.
    TouchPad will come with no geo restrictions, nobody said 3.0

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    Actually on webosconnect he (Richard Kerris) said (afair):
    You can change the appcatalog.
    You need a creditcard from the country you want to buy an app from.
    And this is only true for countries where they sell the device.

    So I think there still is geo restriction. But you can at least change the country.
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    @the op, sorry that nobody answered.
    I'm no expert in it. Here is what I think to know:
    The geo location is stored in the palm profile when you activate the device for the very first time. You can't change that later.
    Rod wrote a function into Imposta where you can use USA (I don't know if you can use an other country) as your country, but again, only when you activate a device for the very first time.

    There is no way you can buy apps from any catalog if you activated the device in poland. Sorry. Even if you travel to e.g. germany and use a O2 sim. You can't buy an app.

    EDIT: And if you used Impostah and activate a device for the first time with the USA catalog, you need a credit card from the USA.
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    Hmmm, I wonder where my device was activated. Probably not PL, as it's not even officially sold here (this sucks, I know). Is there a way to check where my Pre+ was activated? In the First Use menu (after Full Erase) I only had a choice between English and Spanish - probably either because it's an AT&T unit, or because it's been activated in the US.

    EDIT: Oh, and Impostah is for 2.0 only, right? It ran on my 1.4.5, but the App Catalog function was inactive.
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    What does it show on your profile in the web:
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    Quote Originally Posted by somline View Post
    What does it show on your profile in the web:

    Oh, it says United States of America. So it probably checks the SIM card as well (otherwise I'd have access to the US free apps)...

    Which, in turn, means that I could have all the (free) US apps if only I had a US SIM card. Yeah, I'd be in roaming, but I could always get stuff via WiFi (no data transfer charges).

    Maybe you just made my day

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