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    Just got this Borders Books email today for the Kobo ereader. According to their current webpage, webOS is no longer mentioned on their "Download App" page.

    Kobo eReader App to Download for Your Device

    How can we call HP's attention to this to urge Kobo to continue to support and update their ereader app for webOS? I mean, the Kobo ereader app does exist for webOS, but Kobo just hasn't taken it out of beta; after all, it's still buggy.
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    Something tells me they'll be too busy working with Amazon/Kindle to bother with Borders/Kobo.

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    I don't really care which we get as long as we get something that actually works. The KOBO application has more bugs than the rocks in my yard. Granted ebooks on a pre aren't super easy to read. But I've already got enough junk to carry around in my weekly travels. I don't want to have to add an ereader t the collection.
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    I just got this reply from Kobo.


    The Kobo app for Palm Pre only ever existed in a Beta format, unfortunately, we no longer support WebOS devices. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    The Kobo Team
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    Quote Originally Posted by cajunlibra View Post
    I just got this reply from Kobo.
    Beta???? That's not indicated anywhere on the app in the catalog. It is however version 0.9.22 which may be what they mean - it never made it to version 1.x

    The app catalog entry link for the support page shows a page that still lists the Palm Pre. That page is broken because all of the devices (iPhone, Android, Pre) link to a 404 page when you attempt to get more info.
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    kobo stuck spinning circle loading on 1.4.5 and 3.04. It always worked on my pre though not my favorite. Should I just forget it?
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    I liked my Kobo but it stopped saving my bookmarks about a month ago. Then I tried to get a new book and couldn't buy it from my Pre. After I bought it on the web, my Pre Kobo downloaded it no problem. THEN, last week when I needed a new book, I got it on the web but my Pre won't download it and customer support has yet to answer my email.

    I guess WebOS Kobo IS dead.
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    Didn't Borders Books go belly up? I figured the app would die soon after that since there's no book store to buy books from??
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    Borders did go under, but it doesn't appear that kobo was related to them. I do see from a quick search that they have the majority of the ereader users in Canada, tho

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    Borders and Kobo were seperate entities. Kobo is a Canadian company. Then Borders went bankrupt. Kobo bought the ebook division of Borders. Now Kobo has been bought by Rakuten, a Japanese company.

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