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    I am looking for a program to store medical information for my family members (immunizations, etc.). I have only been able to find 2: Family Medical History and My Medical. Does anyone have experience with either or both and can recommend one? Are there others I should look at?

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    I've installed Family Medical History and have yet to get it to work. It tries to open then crashes. I've looked for a way to get help, but have yet to find anything. If you find a good app, please post it as others have also posted having problems with FMH.
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    Hey Guys,

    Just out of curiosity, what would you want in a "good" medical history app? What are some things these current apps do that are good or some major things they are lacking?
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    Google and Microsoft Live both have pretty good online medical history apps. Google's is easier for developer API's to tie into I hear.
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    for starters: prescriptions, vaccination history, allergies, emergency contacts, insurance info/contacts, ability to enter multiple people (ie: families) vs just one, surgeries

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